Monday, November 15, 2010

"The Sunny Lounge" moved!

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Our Sunny Lounge moved closer to the KACO website. Please visit this link to read on:

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tell us why & win a trip to Germany for two!

because... helps put people back to work!
Chuck Rames, Program Director - 
Renewable Energy Division, Boots on the Roof

...when my neighbor gets jealous and one ups me with a bigger system, she does everyone a favor!
Ian Karleff, CEO, AS Solar, Inc., clean energy is the sun!
Heather Andrews Bias, PV installer / PV theory instructor with IBEW #357, Las Vegas is so sexy!
Elmar Niewerth, CEO, Session Solar reminds me of my best friend: 
Dependable, adaptable, and full of sunshine!
Stephen Lacey, Editor,

...I don't have to feel guilty about making toast in the morning!
Tor Valenza aka "Solar Fred", UnThink Solar


Win a trip to Germany for two!
Please see website for contest rules

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Get to know Aten Solar - a solar distribution specialist from New Jersey!

KACO new energy is thrilled to announce the most recent partnership with distribution specialist Aten Solar.

Aten Solar has been a presence in the solar market for the past 20 years with a heavy focus in distribution for the past 10 years. Their commitment to superior customer service and supplying the most reliable products on the market make them an ideal distribution partner for KACO. They have a reputation in the solar industry for providing their clients with personalized support similarly to how KACO prides itself on interacting with partners. "It's a perfect marriage of ideals" says KACO's Clinton Porter.

As of April 2010 the blueplanet brand KACO 02xi inverters will be readily available off the shelf at the Aten Solar warehouse in Bradley Beach, NJ.

Aten Solar is also part of the Twitter and Blogger community. Please welcome them and follow their Tweets @AtenSolar and read their blog here.

About Aten Solar:
Aten Solar is a leading value added distributor of complete environmental and sustainable products. Engineers from the solar thermal heating, ventilation and air conditioning industries created Aten Solar to meet the demand for solar energy solutions globally. The company's purpose is to provide a unique product mix that is compelling for buyers amidst a plethora of products and technologies. For more information visit the Aten Solar website at


Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Solar gift on Earth Day for the White House, President Obama and his family.

Remember our blog post of March 11 "Americans putting solar power on the White House"? 
Well, we're getting closer to our goal. Tor Valenza ( did a wonderful job getting solar professionals and companies from all over the nation together to offer product donations, their services and support for this great project. 17 companies and individuals committed to participate!

Read all about it here: 

KACO new energy and other solar companies offer free solar systems to the White House as a 40th anniversary Earth Day gift
(by KACO new energy, Inc.)

Give a hand to these 17 solar pros and companies offering free solar systems and services to the White House for Earth Day
(by Tor Valenza aka SolarFred)

Solar on the White House - please sign the petition and get involved
(by Sungevity
Americans putting solar back on the White House - please join the Facebook fanpage

Thanks for your support and have a sunny Earth Day!